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If you have questions about visiting Local MD Urgent Care, see below if your question has been asked before! If not, please reach out to us using the form below.


Do I need an appointment to visit a Local MD Urgent Care facility?

You do not need an appointment to visit any of our facilities. Simply check in online or walk in to the location nearest you during our business hours.

Does Local MD have short wait times for patients?

Patients are typically seen within 10 minutes of registration and are usually treated and on their way home within 45 minutes. Visit our location page for the most up-to-date wait times.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I visit?

When visiting one of our locations, please bring your health insurance card (if you plan to use insurance), photo ID and a list of any current medications. We will make a copy of this information for our files. If you have secondary insurance, please bring your information with you and we will submit it on your behalf.

Will my doctor or primary care provider be notified of my urgent care visit?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects patients from disclosure of confidential clinical information. With your permission, we will send a summary of your visit to your doctor(s).

How can I know when I should go to an emergency room versus an urgent care or walk-in clinic?

Local MD is equipped to treat a wide array of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, including sprains, strains, burns, lacerations, rashes, bronchitis and pneumonia. We have X-ray technology at all locations to help us better evaluate any injuries, and we offer on-site stitching. We also have point-of-care lab testing which allows us to perform a variety of tests directly at our facilities. However, you should go to a hospital emergency room if you are experiencing a serious medical condition or symptom (including severe pain) caused by an injury or illness. If you have a true emergency, call 911 immediately.

How can I check in online?

No appointment is ever needed when you choose Local MD, but we do offer patients the option to check in online and reserve their spot. To do this, visit our locations page, select the location you plan to visit, and click the option for “Check in online.” You will then be directed to a registration page with instructions on how to complete your check in.

Am I required to wear a mask at Local MD?

Yes, all patients must be wearing a mask or face covering to enter a Local MD center.


Can I get an X-ray at Local MD Urgent Care?

Yes, all of our locations have industry-standard X-ray equipment on-site. After a visit, patients are welcome to review X-ray images with their primary care physician or specialist. Our patients will never receive an additional charge from the radiologist who reads the X-ray taken on premises — the charge is either included in your urgent care claim to your insurance carrier or in your private fee. For certain ailments, a patient may be sent for an ultrasound, CT scan or MRI which will be done off-site, resulting in billing that is generated by that organization.

Does Local MD offer pre-employment or sports physicals?

Yes, all locations offer pre-employment, school, sport, camp and collegiate physicals.

Can I receive prescription refills for my chronic pain?

No, patients cannot get prescription refills for chronic medical pain through Local MD Urgent Care. Chronic pain management must be handled carefully by a patient’s primary care provider and/or specialists.


Can I be seen without insurance?

​Yes, private pay rates are affordable for those without insurance — including rates for simple in-house lab tests. Additional procedures such as stitches, incision and drainage, X-rays, IV fluids or medications will result in an additional charge to the base visit. Full payment using either credit or debit card is required at the time of service.

What insurance carriers does Local MD Urgent Care accept?

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross & Blue

  • Shield

  • Cigna

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare (including Medicare Advantage Plans)


  • United Healthcare

  • Advocate PPO


If you do not see your carrier listed above please contact us at 708.922.0911. Our list of Accepted insurances is ever growing.


Does Local MD Urgent Care charge a facility fee?

Unlike some urgent or convenient care centers, patients at Local MD, only receive one bill — we never charge our patients an additional facility fee, which can add hundreds of dollars to a visit if a patient has an unmet deductible.

What is a facility fee?

A facility fee is an additional bill that patients may be charged for visiting an urgent or convenient care facility that is affiliated with a hospital. This is a bill that is issued to a patient in addition to the doctor’s bill for services provided. In short, you receive more than one bill for one visit. Some hospital centers charge this fee, while others do not. Local MD Urgent Care does NOT charge facility fees.

If I have insurance, what do I need to pay at the time of service?

Local MD requires a deposit at the time of service toward the estimated patient deductible or co-insurance amount. This deposit can be in the form of credit or debit card. The deposit amount requested is dependent upon a patient’s insurance benefits and is only estimated. Copayments are due at the time of service. Please check with your insurance company prior to your visit if you have questions regarding your benefit coverage for urgent care.

Whom do I contact with billing questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call us at (708) 922 0911, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Will Local MD provide me with medical guidance if I am not familiar with the OSHA or FMCSA guidelines?

Yes. Not only are we here to perform the services our clients need, but we assist them with staying current with the required guidelines and compliant with the required agencies.

Have any questions? Reach out below.

Our team typically responds to messages within 2 business days. If you are in immediate need of emergency services, please call 911.

Thanks for submitting!

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