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There’s no secret that your heart is one of the most important parts of your overall physical health. Having a healthy heart helps you live longer, stay physically active, and avoid deadly diseases. Our team at Local MD Urgent Care can help identify potentially dangerous symptoms or lifestyle changes to ensure your heart health.

EKG Testing

Local MD Urgent Care offers onsite EKG testing and lab services to get a clear picture of your health. If your physician recommends an EKG, know that your heart is in good hands with the compassionate, experienced providers at Local MD!


Your provider may recommend an EKG if you have complained about chest pain or heart palpitations. It may also be part of your annual wellness exam. You may need an EKG if your provider has noticed a problem during a regular exam.

Blood Pressure Medications

High blood pressure, also known as “hypertension,” occurs when the force of blood against the artery walls is too high. Blood pressure under 120⁄80 mmHg is considered normal, while anything over 140⁄90 mmHg is considered high.


There are many possible factors that can lead to hypertension, including many unchangeable factors like your family history, age, ethnicity, and gender.


In addition, there are many lifestyle-based and habit-based causes, such as smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, not getting enough sleep, and diet decisions.

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