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Camp Physicals

Camp Physicals

We know how busy the weeks before summer camp can be, and that’s why our team of medical professionals offers local, efficient, and reliable camp physicals! At Local MD Urgent Care, we keep school, sports, and camp physicals easy and stress-free so you don’t have to worry.

At just $30, getting one more thing checked off your to-do list has never been easier. Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can schedule an appointment in your busy schedule - either way, we can’t wait to help you and your child get ready for this exciting time!

About Camp Physicals

A camp physical is usually required by children’s camps & organizations to ensure your child is healthy and physically prepared to participate in all the activities offered at camps, such as hiking, swimming, canoeing, etc.

Camp Physical Process

Specific requirements can vary based on the particular camp your child is attending, but your child’s camp physical will likely include:

  • Review of yours and the child’s medical history

  • Details regarding medications or prescriptions your child takes

  • General physical exam to check your child’s ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, and abdomen

  • Vision exam

  • Measurement of the child’s height and weight

  • Checking blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory system

  • Testing strength and flexibility of major joints

  • Checking immunization history and records

  • Reviewing allergies or pre-existing medical conditions

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